4.8% ABV

Kamenitza is the leading beer brand in Bulgaria. It launched in 1881 as the first Bulgarian beer. Its creators, three Swiss entrepreneurs, built the brewery in Plovdiv on the location of a now non-existent hill in the city, called Kamenitza (hence the name). In the 1890s, Kamenitza was already participating in international exhibitions and won awards at events in Brussels, Chicago and others.

The Kamenitza beer is drinkable and thirst-quenching, with excellent quality, a result of more than 130 years brewing expertise. Kamenitza has a rich taste, thanks to the ingredients: crystal clean water, high-quality malt and carefully selected hops. Kamenitza was the first in Bulgaria to offer dark beer, which was a risky innovation for a country where the mass consumption focuses mainly on lager.


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ORIGIN: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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