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2020 Sustainability

Molson Coors believes that good business practices embrace environmental stewardship. For that reason, we work to manufacture and package our products with care for the environment. We challenge ourselves to grow our positive Beer Print and to shrink our negative Beer Print in every function of our business and each region where we brew and sell our products.

In 2013, we established an operational 2020 Sustainability Strategy where we committed to:

  • Zero waste to landfill
  • 25% reduction in energy intensity
  • 15% reduction in GHG intensity
  • 15% reduction in water intensity (with breweries in water stressed regions achieving world class efficiency against a 2011 baseline
  • Deliver US$16M savings per year when achieved

2020 Sustainability Targets 

Meeting our 2020 objectives will require further reductions in the energy we consume, but must also be accompanied by sourcing cleaner energy with a lesser GHG intensity.

Our strategy focuses on an integrated approach to managing our water, energy, carbon and waste footprint such that our efforts to mitigate the impacts are aligned, and we get the best combined result for our efforts. With this in mind, the cornerstone of the Sustainability Strategy is our commitment to invest in Anaerobic Digestion (AD) of waste water and recovery of biogas to displace conventional fossil fuels. Doing this will alleviate pressures on the water treatment infrastructure and environment in our communities, generate fewer GHG emissions and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

We expect our existing and new investments in AD technology to deliver over 10,000 tonnes of GHG emissions reductions by 2020. By the end of 2016 we expect that close to half of our breweries will treat their waste water with anaerobic digestion technology and recover the biogas for use. More importantly, we will be treating waste water where it most reduces our environmental footprint.

We currently employ anaerobic digestion of waste water in five breweries and recover biogas for use in generating process heat in two of them. The use of this biogas is displacing over 1 tonne of CO2e per year and represents a 3.1% of the energy consumed on these same sites. We have already committed to investing over $14 million over the next year to implement anaerobic digestion and biogas recovery in three more breweries in Central Europe.

Our five breweries already using AD technology are in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and two in the UK. At MillerCoors, we have anaerobic digesters at two breweries, in addition to a 3.2 megawatt capacity solar panel installation located at our brewery in Irwindale, California. The solar array is the largest installed at any brewery in the U.S. and has helped to increase the brewery’s energy independence.

These activity are examples of how Molson Coors has continued to shrink our negative Beer Print across our business and geographies.

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