Staropramen Festivals Without Barriers

At Molson Coors we believe in brewing and selling our beer the right way, and growing a positive Beer Print at every opportunity. We believe in creating platforms for sociability and inclusivity, and using the power of our brands to connect people for positive outcomes. Through Staropramen in the Czech Republic, we have taken this literally and used the power of our consumers and employees to create a sociable and inclusive environment for all.


Collecting Caps

By collecting and recycling plastic and metal bottle caps, we have been able to convert this potential waste product into platforms and ramps which have been used at Czech music festivals to increase access and mobility for visitors with disabilities.

Providing Solutions

  • 200 wheelchair users were able to enjoy the festival atmosphere in 2017 thanks to the Festival Without Barriers Projects
  • More than 1500 cap collectors involved (customers, employees, festival-goers, suppliers, consumers, O2 Arena visitors, etc.)
  • 780 kg of caps (plastic and metal) collected from employees and consumers at festivals, arenas, clubs and restaurants
  • 6 festivals participated in 2017
  • 100 metres of ramps provided – these can be moved from location to location
  • 1 Chill-out zone used (again transferable between festivals) allowing people with disability a place to relax, refresh, have some privacy, and hygiene facilities suitable for wheelchair and disabled access
  • 2015 - Silver Prize in Social Responsibility Project Award 2015
  • 2016 - formed a partnership with Czech Nacional Disability Council

In addition to providing flexibility to move around the festival site easier, we provide a platform (part of it also made of recycled caps) to allow wheelchair users to get closer to the music and feel more involved in the atmosphere and event.

See more: Please visit or watch a great summary video in English or Czech.


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