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TaxiGuy is a unique partnership to stop drinking and driving in Canada. Since its inception in 1998, the program has helped over 5 million Canadians get home safely, with 172,900 rides in 2016. The total purchase of TaxiDollars to date is $1,571,125 with a 70% redemption rate. TaxiGuy has been recognized as a key social marketing tool in the overall fight against drunk driving by countless stakeholder organizations over the past 10 years.

1-888-TAXIGUY is a nationwide network of 425 taxicab companies linked together through one, easy to remember, toll-free phone number. With 20,000 taxicabs operating under a single phone number, it is available in over 700 cities across Canada. There is also a free taxi app for Android, Blackberry and iPhone that connects drinkers to a taxi company anywhere in the country with a single touch. It is also available at taxiguydialer.com.


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