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Drinking and Driving

There are two ways to create your custom Molson Coors corporate responsibility report. You can browse the Responsibility section of our website and select Add to My Report for topics that interest you; or, you can go to our custom report builder (link to report builder page) and check the box next to each topic to prepare a report built just for you.

Alcohol-impaired driving is a serious problem in much of the world. If you plan to drink, we encourage you to plan an alternative to driving yourself. You should never drive while drunk. And if you’re with somebody who intends to drive but has had too much alcohol, be a good friend and help them to find an alternative, safe way home.

Effective measures against alcohol-impaired driving include both criminal laws and administrative processes to take away licenses from drunk drivers. Molson Coors supports effective drunk-driving enforcement in our established markets. Through our support of Global Actions on Harmful Drinking, we work to extend these proven practices to new markets.

In Canada, we helped found, and continue to actively support, 1-888-TAXIGUY. It is a nationwide network of 425 taxicab companies linked together through one, easy to remember, toll-free phone number. With 17,500 taxicabs in over 700 cities and towns across Canada, TAXIGUY gets a lot of people home safely.

In the UK we support Drinkaware in producing educational materials and on-line support, serving to reduce drink driving, particularly among younger LDA drinkers.

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